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Keeler MH, Reifler CB. 
“Suicide or Accident?”. 
Amer. J. Psychiat.. 1967;124:112.
'Sir: Suicide, in general usage, is defined as voluntarily and intentionally taking one's own life. The best available reconstruction of the event we reported would indicate that this is what occurred. Descriptions of the individual's behavior before his death are more consistent with feelings of futility and a state of disorganization than they are of delusions of omnipotence.

For a quite different reason we might have used the term 'taking one's life' rather than 'suicide'. The legal definition of suicide requires not only volition and intent but that the individual be of sound mind. In this sense taking one's own life while influenced by a drug is not suicide. This is true even if it is considered that the drug 'released' such tendencies present in the individual.'
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