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McGlothlin WH, Cohen S, McGlothlin MS. 
“Long-lasting effects of LSD on normals”. 
Drug Abuse, Social and Pharmacological Aspects. 1969;p3-26.
THIS is a report of a study intended to measure personality, attitude, value, interest, and performance changes resulting from the administration of LSD to normals. Several investigators using LSD with humans in nontherapy experiments have observed that some of their subjects report various _asting effects attributable to the dru_ experience (6, 12, 21); and, oF cnur._e, the recent controversy over the nonmedical use of LSD has given rise to numerous claims and counterclaims in this regard.

In the experiment, subjects were male graduate students who volunteered for a paid experiment without prior knowledge of its nature. A large battery of psychological tests was administered prior to a series of three, 200 gg LSD sessions, and again at intervals of two weeks and six month: following the third session. The hypothesized postdrug personality changes include tlzose most : commonly reported in questionnaire evaluations: 1) lower anxiety, 2) attitude and value changes, primarily characterized by greater introspection, less defensiveness, aggression, and rigidity, less materialism and competitiveness, and greater tolerance towards others, 3) increased creativity, and 4) enhanced interest and appreciation of music and art.
Notes # : Nearly identical paper to Erowid Reference 4655.
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