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Buño W, Villar JI, Tejerina W, García-Austt E. 
“Effect of LSD-25, chlorpromazine and metedrine upon visual evoked response in Cats”. 
Acta Neurol. Lat Amer. 1970;16(1-4):64-73.
Various authors have demonstrated some correlation between evoked response shape, the information content of senory messages and its processing by the nervous system.

In man psychodrugs produce marked disturbances in sensory processes. LSD-25, mescaline and other psychodrugs show an apparent predilection for the visual system of man, producing complex visual hallucinatory phenomena. In animals these same drugs have been shown to produce behavioral disturbances as well as modifications of the sleep-cycle. The above finding shave led several authors to study in different animals the effect of these drugs upon the visual evoked response (VER).
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