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Evans SM, Zacny JP, Johanson CE. 
“Three-choice discrimination among (+)-amphetamine, fenfluramine and saline in pigeons”. 
Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 1990;35(4):971-80.
Five pigeons were trained to discriminate among (+)-amphetamine (AMPH; 1.7 or 3.0 mg/kg), fenfluramine (FEN; 5.6 or 10 mg/kg), and saline using a three-choice drug discrimination procedure. The results of the study demonstrated that a reliable discrimination between AMPH and FEN could be obtained and the discriminative stimulus (DS) effects of these two drugs did not overlap, i.e., were mutually exclusive. Phenmetrazine produced a dose-related increase in AMPH-appropriate responding with no responding occurring on the FEN-appropriate key. Two serotonin agonists, quipazine (5-HT2) and MK 212 (5-HT1), produced FEN-appropriate responding in two of three pigeons, while a third pigeon responded predominantly on the AMPH-appropriate key following their administration. In contrast, phencyclidine produced predominantly (greater than 50%) saline-appropriate responding, indicating that the DS effect of phencyclidine was unlike either AMPH or FEN. Finally, compounds known to have multiple DS properties such as MDA and MDMA were tested. The results with these compounds confirmed that these drugs have complex DS effects both within and across individual pigeons.
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