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Kelly PA, Ritchie IM, Quate L, McBean DE, Olverman HJ. 
“Functional consequences of perinatal exposure to 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine in rat brain”. 
Br J Pharmacol. 2002 Nov 13;137(7):963-70.
or=46%). This was coincident with the development of adult patterns of binding in forebrain. 5. Despite the lack of MDMA-induced neurotoxicity, rats treated in utero (E15) showed increased lCMR(glu) in locus coeruleus (+37%), and in areas receiving ascending noradrenergic innervation, such as anterior thalamus (+44%) and septal nucleus (+24%). 6 These studies confirm that the susceptibility of serotonergic terminals to the neurotoxic properties of MDMA is absent in the immediate perinatal period, but also suggests that in utero MDMA exposure produces significant long-term effects on cerebral function by a mechanism as yet unknown.
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