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Rothschild MA, Schneider V. 
“[2 autoerotic accidents: fatal nitrous oxide anesthesia and thoracic compression]”. 
Arch Kriminol. 1998 Jan 27;200(3-4):65-72.
Report on 2 fatal autoerotic cases. In the first case a 20-year-old man died due to the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) which he had used in a self-constructed breathing-machine. The nitrous oxide came from a cartridge which normally is used for aerosol cans for whipped cream. In the second case a 19-year-old man used a pressure-suit for military-jet pilots and inflated it with a 12-volt-compressor. Additionally the head was covered with 3 masks and a motorcycle helmet. Arms and legs were bound. The cause of death was a massive compression of the thorax.
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