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Schifano F, Leoni M, Martinotti G, Rawaf S, Rovetto F. 
“Importance of cyberspace for the assessment of the drug abuse market: preliminary results from the Psychonaut 2002 project”. 
Cyberpsychol Behav. 2003 Aug;6(4):405-10.
What do therapy and cybertherapy need to take into account to be effective for the treatment of drug-related disorders? The Psychonaut 2002 project is aimed to create a new and updated Web-based tool, which will be based on evolving drug scenarios, in order to provide professionals from the drug addiction field with easily accessible and reliable information. The drug abuse settings available on the Web will be described and the methodology will be discussed. Preliminary results of a search on MDMA and MDMA-like substances confirm that it is possible both to identify emerging trends and to provide information for prevention and appropriate intervention.
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