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Vallee JN, Crozier S, Guillevin R, Obadia M, Lo D, Barragan-Campos HM, Samson Y, Chiras J. 
“Acute basilar artery occlusion treated by thromboaspiration in a cocaine and ecstasy abuser”. 
Neurology. 2003 Sep 23;61(6):839-841.
Thromboaspiration was performed in a young adult in a coma because of acute basilar artery occlusion associated with cocaine and ecstasy abuse 30 hours after symptom onset. There was complete recanalization of the basilar artery and favorable recovery. Because cocaine and ecstasy abuse has been reported to be a risk factor for ischemic stroke and fatal brain hemorrhage, thromboaspiration may be an alternative therapy to thrombolysis.
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