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Dundes L. 
“DanceSafe and ecstasy: protection or promotion?”. 
J Health Soc Policy. 2003 Nov;17(1):19-37.
Since dangerous additives to the drug ecstasy can cause potentially lethal hyperthermia, the organization DanceSafe tests ecstasy for such adulterants. This study of over 700 college students examined whether individuals will use or abstain from ecstasy regardless of DanceSafe\'s presence at raves or whether DanceSafe erodes a powerful deterrent (i.e., the fear of hazardous additives) which may make nonusers more likely to try it. About 1/5 of nonusers said they might be more likely to try ecstasy if DanceSafe were present. In comparison to nonusers who plan to abstain, however, they were also more likely to be cigarette smokers, drink and use marijuana regularly at parties, and have more friends who use ecstasy. Further study of DanceSafe\'s impact on ecstasy use is warranted.
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