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Villoldo A. 
“An introduction to the psychedelic psychotherapy of Salvador Roquet”. 
Journal of Humanistic Psychology. 1977;17(4):45-58.
Alberto Villoldo was raised in Cuba and Puerto Rico. Upon leaving the Caribbean, he spent time in Mexico investing the ritualistic and healing practices of various Indian groups. After receiving his MA in psychology in 1973, he traveled to Brazil to study spiritualist healing centers and the applications and implications of this work to Western frameworks of healing and psychology. He has taught at the University of Mexico and at California State College, Sonoma, and conducted workshops in various subjects such as ritual in psychotherapy and psychic growth; hallucinogenic therapy; and shamanic initiation as transpersonal therapy. Alberto presently spends part of the year in South America doing fieldwork and the rest in the United States, where he conducts classes and lectures. He holds a PhD in psychology and has a private practice in Marin County, California.
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