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Thiagaraj HV, Russa EB, Burnett A, Goldstein E, Thompson CM, Parker KK. 
“Binding Properties of Dipropyltryptamine at the Human 5-HT1a Receptor”. 
Pharmacology. 2005 May;74:193-199.
Dipropyltryptamine (DPT) is a synthetic indolealkylaminefi rst characterized in the 1960s. Largely forgottensince the discovery of multiple serotonin receptor subtypes,some of the properties of DPT at the cloned human5-HT1a receptor are described here. When [ 3 H]8-OHDPATis bound to the receptor, DPT inhibits the interactionwith an IC 50 of 0.1 umol/l. This interaction is shownto be competitive when double-reciprocal plots of theDPT/agonist interaction are analyzed. DPT’s effects in thesignal transduction system are complex. While DPTalone (0.1–1,000 umol/l) activates G[i] when both cAMP and gamma-S-GTP incorporation are measured, in the presenceof 5-HT (0.1–10 umol/l), DPT blocks the agonist effect.In combination, the fi ndings suggest that DPT is amoderate affi nity partial agonist at the human 5-HT1areceptor. These results provide evidence that DPT haspotential as a versatile experimental tool at 5-HT1a receptors.
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