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Mirken B, Earleywine M. 
“The cannabis and psychosis connection questioned: a comment on Fergusson et al. 2005”. 
Addiction. 2005 May;100(5):714-5; author reply.
Fergusson and colleagues assert that their results from a New Zealand cohort ‘add to the growing body of evidence that regular cannabis use may increase risks of psychosis’ [1]. In fact, their study raises more questions than it answers.

One obvious question is raised by their use of ten items from Symptom Checklist 90 as the only assessment tool for symptoms of psychosis. The items assessed focus heavily on paranoid ideation, e.g. ‘feeling other people cannot be trusted’, ‘feeling you are being watched or talked about by others’, and ‘having ideas or beliefs that other do not share.’ This is of concern because it is well known—widely reported in the literature [2] and commonly referenced in popular culture for decades [3,4]— that paranoid feelings are a relatively frequent effect of acute marijuana intoxication.
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