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Benington F, Morin RD, Clark LC Jr, Fox RP. 
“Psychopharmacological Activity of Ring- and Side Chain-Substituted beta-Phenethylamines”. 
Journal of Organic Chemistry. 1958 Dec;23:1979-84.
To obtain additional information on the influence of both the nature and position of substituents on ring- and side chain-substituted B-phenethylamines on the psychotomimetic activity of this class of compounds, a series of B-phenethylamines containing a variety of substituents in the 3, 4, and 5 positions was synthesized.

Substituents which were examined included alkyl, phenyl, halogen, and alkoxy in varying positions on the benzene ring in B-phenethylamine : a few compounds were also made with hydroxy or methyl groups in the side chain which are related to epinephrine and amphetamine. The effect of these compounds on normal cat behavior was used as an index to the changes in psychochemical activity induced by the various substituents.
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