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Stevens R. 
“Just Say Yes: Drugs and Human Consciousness”. 
The Alexander Journal. 1991 Sept. - Oct.;? (11).
As the "war against drugs" is used as the pretext for governmental restrictions on personal freedom, and as the "war" strains society's law enforcement, educational, and family structures beyond the breaking point, it behooves the thinking person to look past the slogans and simplistic thinking to find a deeper understanding of the "crisis" and how it came to be.

Your society further restricts the free flow of information due to its emphasis on the material world as the only "valid' reality. Almost everyone has had premonitions, hunches, flashes of intuition, prescient dreams, and so on. Yet because your society cannot reduce these events to atoms and dissect them under the microscope, they are dismissed as coincidence or hoax. So the vast realm of consciousness, which offers so much wisdom and guidance to cultures open to its influence, is locked outside the gate of western culture, scorned and repudiated.
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