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Hirst M. 
“The Utilization of Catha Edulis in the Household Economy of Xhosa Farm Inhabitants of the Bolo Reserve, Eastern Cape”. 
Journal of Contemporary African Studies. 1997;15(1):119-143.
During the night, I have a very lucid dream. Before me extends a steep slope, disappearing into the clouds. At different points on the elevationstand tallCatha edulistrees. These remind me somewhat of the Stations of the Cross. In the distance, I see a group of young Xhosa-speaking men and women wending their way up the slope picking Catha edulis leaves. The leaves of the trees glisten in the sunlight, the colours are rich and the scene redolent. It is almost as if the trees are smiling and beckoning to me to come, pick and enjoy their leaves. I wake up suddenly before dawn with this image still clearly fixed in my mind and repeating the words of a Yemeni farmer recorded by Kennedy (1987)"Qatis the paradise of the mind. It makes people strong. They can endure hardships and climb mountains". Field journal, Tuesday, 22 November, 1994.
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