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Maly K. 
“'Awa: Cultural-Historical Perspectives in Hawai'i”. 
Publication of Kumu Pono Associates. 1998.
By way of this small collection of native Hawaiian traditional and historical accounts, I wish to provide readers with a general overview of the cultural context of'awa' (Piper methysticum)in Hawai'i. The narratives include documentation from two primary sources — (a) the writings of nineteenth and early twentieth century Hawaiian historians, and (2) oral history interviews with kupuna(elders) born between c. 1912 to 1930. This collection of historical accounts is by no means exhaustive, nor does it include references to all cultural materials published on'awain Hawai'i. Instead, and perhaps of greatest interest, you will be introduced to several little known historical accounts about'awa, that were recorded by native writers in Hawaiian language newspapers.
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