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Grotenhermen F. 
“[Some practice-relevant aspects of the pharmacokinetics of THC]”. 
Forsch Komplementarmed. 1999 Oct;6 Suppl 3:37-9.
The pharmacokinetics of THC varies in dependence of its route of administration. Pulmonary assimilation of Cannabis (smoking, inhalation) leads to a maximum THC concentration within minutes, psychotropic effects start within seconds to a few minutes, reach a maximum after 15-30 min, and slope down within 1-2 h. In case of oral ingestion the effect sets in delayed after 30-90 min, reaches its maximum after 2-3 h and lasts about 4-8 h. Duration of action depends on measured parameters. Intestinal absorption of THC is increased by application in a lipophilic base. Cannabinoids are present in the plant mainly as pharmacologically inactive carboxylic acids (more than 95%), that are transformed into the active phenols by heating (smoking, baking). Heating of 5 min to 200 degrees C seems to be optimal.
Notes # : Copyright 1999 S. Karger GmbH, Freiburg
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