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Frye CA, Rhodes ME. 
“Administration of estrogen to ovariectomized rats promotes conditioned place preference and produces moderate levels of estrogen in the nucleus accumbens”. 
Brain Res. 2006 Dec 29;1067(1):209-215.
Estrogen (E(2)) can modulate a variety of functional processes, including conditioning. However, the precise relationship between E(2) and these processes is not entirely understood. Indeed, the nature of E(2)'s effects on conditioning may depend upon several factors, including, but not limited to, the task examined, route of E(2) administration, bioavailability of E(2) administered, and/or duration of E(2) exposure. The present studies examined the effects of E(2) on conditioned place preference (CPP), and E(2) levels produced in plasma and the nucleus accumbens. In Experiment 1, ovariectomized, Long-Evans rats were subcutaneously (SC) administered sesame oil vehicle (n = 12), 10 mug (n = 12), or 1 mg (n = 10), E(2) immediately prior to placement in the CPP apparatus on conditioning days. Only rats administered 10 mug E(2) exhibited a CPP. This regimen of E(2) (n = 5/group) also produced moderate levels of E(2) in the nucleus accumbens (significantly greater than vehicle and less than 1 mg E(2)). In Experiment 2, ovariectomized rats were SC administered propylene glycol vehicle (n = 11), 10 mug (n = 13), or 1 mg (n = 14), E(2) immediately prior to conditioning. Administration of 1 mg E(2) in propylene glycol produced a CPP. Notably, 1 mg E(2) in propylene glycol produced moderate levels of E(2) in the nucleus accumbens (significantly greater than vehicle or 10 mug E(2)) that were similar to those produced by 10 mug E(2) in sesame oil (n = 5/group). Together, these data suggest that regimen of E(2) that can produce a CPP result in moderate levels of E(2) in the nucleus accumbens.
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Apr 17, 2011 1:59
Estrogen as Drug? #

  • estrogen increases dopamine functioning
  • the nucleus accumbens is a dopaminergic brain region
  • n.acc. is the prime site of action for reinforcement from many drugs of abuse and
  • conditioned place preference (CPP), is one main measure of whether a drug has abuse liability
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