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DiMaio VJ, Garriott JC. 
“Intravenous abuse of propylhexedrine”. 
J Forensic Sci. 1977 Jan;22(1):152-8.
Propylhexedrine, a local vasoconstrictor, is the active ingredient in the Benzedrex nasal inhaler. In a six-month period, the Office of the Medical Examiner of Dallas County has encountered three deaths resulting from intravenous injection of propylhexedrine. Two of these individuals showed vascular changes in the lungs, apparently from chronic intravenous injections of this drug. Body distribution of the drug was determined in all of the cases by gas chromatographic analysis. An experiment was conducted to determine "therapeutic blood concentrations" in which a normal subject inhaled propylhexedrine from the Benzedrex inhaler. The maximum blood concentration was only 1/30 of the minimum concentration encountered in the reported cases.
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