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McElrath K. 
“MDMA and sexual behavior: ecstasy users' perceptions about sexuality and sexual risk”. 
Subst Use Misuse. 2005 Jun;40(9-10):1461-77.
This study examines the relationship between MDMA (Ecstasy), sexual behavior, and sexual risk taking. The sample consisted of 98 current and former users of MDMA. Several strategies were utilized to recruit respondents and data were collected through in-depth interviews during 1997 and 1998. The majority of respondents had used MDMA during the 6-month period prior to the interview and a large percentage had consumed the drug on 100 occasions or more. Most respondents reported feelings of emotional closeness while consuming MDMA but without the desire for penetrative sex. Others, however, reported that MDMA increased sexual arousal and some respondents (in particular, gay and bisexual females) had used MDMA specifically for sexual enhancement. Sexual risk taking (e.g., having multiple partners, engaging in sex without a condom) was prevalent among respondents who did engage in sexual activity during MDMA episodes. Explanations for the findings are offered and implications for prevention/intervention are discussed.
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