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Aquino-Parsons C, Lim P, Green A, Minchinton AI. 
“Carbogen inhalation in cervical cancer: assessment of oxygenation change”. 
Gynecol Oncol. 1999 Aug;74(2):259-64.
OBJECTIVE: Our objectives were (1) to examine tumor oxygenation measured with an Eppendorf pO(2) histograph, prior to and during carbogen (95% oxygen, 5% carbon dioxide) breathing in patients with primary cervical cancer; and (2) to assess the feasibility of delivering external beam radiation therapy and concurrent carbogen to patients treated for cervical cancer.

METHODS: Pretreatment tumoral pO(2) measurements were obtained using an Eppendorf pO(2) histograph in patients with primary cervical cancers while breathing room air and after 4 min of carbogen breathing. Patients able to tolerate the carbogen inhalation were asked to inhale it for 4 min prior to and during all external beam radiation therapy.

RESULTS: Two sets of pO(2) measurements were obtained from 25 patients. The average median pO(2) increased from 8 mm Hg when breathing room air to 96 mm Hg after carbogen breathing. Twenty-four of 25 patients tolerated the carbogen; they inhaled carbogen during their daily external beam radiation therapy. All 24 patients completed their planned course of external beam radiation therapy and daily concurrent carbogen without significant difficulty. CONCLUSION: (1) Carbogen inhalation increased the average median pO(2) value 10-fold and decreased the percentage of values
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