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Morgan JP, Kagan D. 
“The dusting of America: the image of phencyclidine (PCP) in the popular media”. 
J Psychedelic Drugs. 1980 Jul-Dec 26;12(3-4):195-204.
The media presentation of PCP has been conditioned by mythic perceptions of the drug users and should have been predictable in light of previous drug-abuse stories. Malcolm Muggeridge once described journalists feverishly looking at previous newsclips to give them perspective on a story, comparing the recycling journalist to the parched desert traveler consuming his own urine (Muggeridge 1979). The particular character of the randomly violent PCP user has also attracted much attention in television drama. In fact, PCP is the ideal American television dramatic drug because it fits so many violent stereotypes. PCP may be the drug that the American media hoped LSD would be.
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