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Pittel SM. 
“Psychological Aspects of Heroin and Other Drug Dependence”. 
'It's So Good, Don't Even Try It Once'; Heroin in Perspective. 1972;p137-43.
We will compare Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory group profiles obtained from thirty-seven male and twenty-five female heroin addicts seen at the Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic Detoxification Unit to those obtained from one hundred males and seventy-three females who served as volunteer subjects for the Haight-Ashbury Research Project. At the time of testing (1969-70), all of the Haight-Ashbury Research Project volunteers were classified as psychedelic-drug users on the basis of their primary drug choice. Although they had experimented with an average of fifteen different psychoactive drugs, few had used amphetamines, barbiturates, or opiates more than ten times, while almost all of them were daily users of marijuana or hashish and more-or-less regular users of LSD and other potent psychedelic drugs. A conservative estimate of psychedelic drug use for this sample at the time of testing would be between seventy-five and one hundred trips.
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