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Pierre JM, Shnayder I, Wirshing DA, Wirshing WC. 
“Intranasal quetiapine abuse”. 
Am J Psychiatry. 2004 Sep 31;161(9):1718.
We would like to report on the widespread "abuse" of quetiapine among inmates in the Los Angeles County Jail—"the largest mental health institution in the world." Anecdotal reports from clinicians and staff estimate that as many as 30% of the inmates seen in psychiatric services report malingered psychotic symptoms (typically endorsing "hearing voices" or ill-defined "paranoia") in order to specifically obtain quetiapine. A history of substance dependence is common among those engaging in this practice. In addition to oral administration, the drug is also taken intranasally by snorting pulverized tablets. Such abusive self-administration seems to be driven by quetiapine’s sedative and anxiolytic effects (to help with sleep or to "calm down") rather than by its antipsychotic properties. Accordingly, the drug has a "street value" (it is sold to other inmates for money) and is sometimes referred to simply as "quell."
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