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Christie MJ, Chesher GB. 
“The human toxicity of marijuana: a critique of a review by Nahas and Latour”. 
Drug Alcohol Rev. 1994;13(2):209-16.
A review entitled "The human toxicity of marijuana" was published in 1992 in the Medical Journal of Australia. The authors claimed that the adverse effects of cannabis use have been trivialized and that the effects are much more serious than earlier reported. We have made a careful study of this review and examined the claims made. We compared the claims of the authors with the information contained in the documents they cited and found that at least 28 of the 35 citations in this article were cited inaccurately. Five of these publications were misquoted, or the findings of the study were not fully reported. Twenty-three citations contained other errors, leaving only six to eight (two citations could not be retrieved because of their obscurity) accurate citations among 35. All of these inaccuracies operate in the direction of finding an adverse effect of marijuana.
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