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Lassen JF, Lassen NF, Skov J. 
“[Consumption of psilocybin-containing hallucinogenic mushrooms by young people]”. 
Ugeskr Laeger. 1992 Sep 18;154(39):2678-81.
The aim of this questionnaire survey was to investigate the extent of hallucinogenic mushroom consumption among students from a high school in the county of Aarhus, Denmark and among students at the University of Aarhus and students from the Danish school of journalism in Aarhus, Denmark. 3% of the high school students had used psilocybine-containing mushrooms as a hallucinogen. Only 1% had experience with LSD. Of the students at the University of Aarhus, and students from the Danish school of journalism in Aarhus, 333 persons (83%) returned the anonymous questionnaire. 9% had experience with hallucinogenic psilocybine containing mushrooms while only 2% had LSD experience. The use of hallucinogenic mushrooms was surprisingly high. This suggest that mushrooms are the most commonly used hallucinogenic substance in Denmark and that the use has exceeded that of LSD. Compared to non-users mushrooms users had significant more friends with mushroom experience. Furthermore, the study shows that the intention to use mushroom is commoner in persons who have friends with HPS experience. We find that the use of mushroom takes place in minor groups known to each other. Compared to non-users, mushroom-users are significant more experienced with marijuana and other substances. Unfortunately, our data do not permit us to show whether mushroom users are more inclined to try other drugs or whether persons with a high drug experience use mushrooms as well. Further investigation on the subject is recommended.
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