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Kaiser Jr WJ, Bruehl GW, Davitt CM, Klein RE. 
“Acremonium Isolates From Stipa Robusta”. 
Mycologia. 1996 Jul-Aug;88(4):539-547.
When isolations were made from plants grown from seed of sleepy grass (Stipa robusta) collected from 10 locations in New Mexico and Colorado, it was observed that 43 of 50 plants were infected with an endophytic fungus. The endophytic fungus belongs to the genus Acremonium. Plants infected with these endophytic fungi are known to have a narcotic effect on horses, hence the name sleepy grass. The Acremonium isolates from Stipa robusta are slow growing and spores produced by these fungi exhibited considerable variation in shape. Spores of most isolates were dead in cultures maintained at room temperature for 60 days. Serological tests demonstrated that the Stipa endophytes were related to Acremonium endophytes from other grasses.
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