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Cordy-Collins A. 
“Psychoactive Painted Peruvian Plants: The Shamanism Textile”. 
J. Ethnobiol.. 1982 Dec;2(2):144-153.
ABSTRACT.- From a cache of over 200 Chavin textiles found in the Ica Valley on the Peruvian south coast in 1969, one is particularly intriguing. Exhibited in the San Diego Museum of Man's 1980 analysis of South American shamanism, this 2000 year old cloth is painted with images of transformation and transcendence. Of special interest is the representation of three plants shown in connection with a jaguar, winged deer, hummingbirds, shamans, and a deity. While this textile has been described before in the context of the others in the group, the present paper addresses the plants specifically. One plant is very likely to be the hallucinogenic San Pedro cactus (Trichocereus pachanoi); another is more tentatively suggested to be seed pods of the psychoactive acacia (Anadenanthera peregrina or A. colubrina). The third plant, while still eluding precise classification, must be considered as a possible narcotic as well.
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