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Luanratana O, Griffin WJ. 
“Alkaloids of Duboisia hopwoodii”. 
Phytochemistry. 1982;21(2):449-51.
Leaf and root collections of Duboisia hopwoodii were made from Alice Springs in central and Western Australia. From D. hopwoodii collected at Alice Springs were isolated nornicotine, nicotine, myosmine, and N-formylnornicotine, cotinine, N-acetylnornicotine, anabasine, anatabine, anatalline and bipyridyl were detected by GC/MS/ Root material contained hyoscyamine, scopolamine, nicotine and nornicotine; N-formylnornicotine was detected by GC/MS. D. hopwoodii from Western Australia yielded nicotine, nornicotine, hyoscyamine and metanicotine. Root material contained nornicotine, hyoscyamine, myosmine and N-formylnornicotine, GC/MS detected cotinine and N-acetylnornicotine.
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