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Lorens SA, Hata N, Cabrera T, Hamilton ME. 
“Comparison of the behavioral and neurochemical effects of 5,7-DHT, MDMA and D,L-fenfluramine”. 
NIDA Res Monogr. 1989;95:347.
Repeated high doses of MDMA and FEN do not lead to dysfunctions in exploratory behavior, motor coordination or stamina, thermal pain sensitivity, morphine analgesia, avoidance conditioning, or short-term spacial memory. 5-HT neurons, furthermore, recover from the depleting effects of MDMA and FEN. The behavioral effects of 5,7-DHT appear to be test, dose, and time dependent. The functional consequences of substantial reductions in CNS 5-HT levels, however, are subtle and difficult to discern.
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