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Lee S-J, Chung H-Y, Lee I-K, Oh S-U, Yoo I-D. 
“Phenolics with Inhibitory Activity on Mouse Brain Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) from Whole Parts of Artemisia vulgaris L (Mugwort)”. 
Food Sci Biotechnol. 2000;9(3):179-82.
Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort) is a perennial plant found in temperate and cold-temp. zones. The leaves of this plant are used in stuffing and rice cakes and to flavour tea in Asia, and as a culinary herb for poultry and pork in Western cultures. 5known flavonoids and 3 coumarins with inhibitory activity towards mouse brain monoamine oxidase (MAO) were isolated from 80% aqueous ethanol extracts of whole body of A. vulgaris (mugwort), and their structures were assigned using various spectroscopicmethods. These compounds were identified as jaceosidine, eupafolin, luteolin, quercetin, apigenine, aesculetin, esculetin-6-methylether and scopoletin and were shown to inhibit MAO with IC50 values of 19.0, 25.0, 18.5, 72.9, 12.5, 1.0, 31.1, 32.2, and 45.0 mumol, respectively.
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