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Schultes, R.E.. 
“Book Review: Soma: Divine Mushroom of Immortality by R. G. Wasson”. 
Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. 1971 Spring;3(2):104-5.
Great advances have been made during the past fifty years in our transcultural understanding of hallucinogenic plants and their use in primitive societies. These advances coincide with the beginning of the operarion of the interdisciplinary approach in the study of human affairs. The first significant steps, however, remain the botanical ones-the provision of detailed ethnobotanical information on which to build studies in other fields. And the very basic step-the most significant of all-is the correct identification of the plants involved. Notwithstanding its numerous other contributions, the greatest significance of Wasson's Soma, Divine mushroom of lmmortality lies in the botanical identification proposed for soma. It is this contribution that interests me-a botanist-above all of the other significant aspects of the book.
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