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Marchant NC, Breen MA, Wallace D, Bass S, Taylor AR, Ings RM, Campbell DB, Williams J. 
“Comparative biodisposition and metabolism of 14C-(+/-)-fenfluramine in mouse, rat, dog and man”. 
Xenobiotica. 1992;22(11):1251-66.
1. The comparative metabolism of fenfluramine was investigated in mouse, rat, dog and man following a single oral dose of 14C-(+/-)- fenfluramine hydrochloride (1 mg/kg), and also in rat after eight consecutive 12-h subcutaneous doses (24 mg/kg). 2. Main route of excretion of radioactivity in all species and at all doses was into urine (> 80%), with only minor amounts of radioactivity found in faeces. 3. From all species examined a total of 11 metabolites were observed in urine and plasma by t.l.c. and h.p.l.c. analysis and no metabolite was present in the plasma which was not present in urine. 4. All species dealkylate fenfluramine to the active metabolite norfenfluramine, to a relative greater or lesser extent, with plasma metabolic ratios (norfenfluramine/fenfluramine) showing inter-animal variation (rat >> dog >> mouse = man). 5. These differences are due to the efficient deamination of both compounds to polar inactive metabolites in man, with less dealkylation and lower plasma levels of norfenfluramine compared with the other species studied. 6. In conclusion, major species differences in the metabolism of (+/-)- fenfluramine, both qualitative and quantitative were observed, and no one species had a similar metabolic profile to that found in man.
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