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Goldberger BA, Frost-Pineda K, Gold MS.. 
“Ecstasy Deaths in the State of Florida: A Post-Mortem Analysis”. 
Biol Psych. 2002;51(8S).
Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, Ecstasy) use has been increasing among American teens (See Graph). MDMA has been called a new epidemic because of the acceleration in the number of users in middle and high school and college, and the fact that more MDMA pills have been interdicted by U.S. Customs, the price per pill has been dropping, and presentations to clinical treatment facilities have been increasing. MDMA use has been linked to hepato- and neurotoxic effects and a long list of other medical, neurological, psychiatric and behavioral changes. While many of MDMA's effects are short-term, other effects such as memory disorders are reported to persist for months or years1. One consequence of MDMA use is emergency room presentation, crisis and death. MDMA-related emergency room visits have dramatically increased as reported by the DAWN network. Deaths due to MDMA have also increased dramatically. However, the true extent of MDMA increases in emergency room visits has been compromised by a lack of sensitive and specific MDMA laboratory testing.
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