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Montagne M. 
“Drug-taking paraphernalia”. 
J Psychoactive Drugs. 1983 Jul-Sep 20;15(3):159-75.
A great deal of furor has arisen recently over the sale and use of articles and accessories known as drug-taking paraphernalia. Opponents of paraphernalia merchandising and sales have grown in number and have become organized politically as a result of the growth of the paraphernalia industry and the recent backlash against perceived increases in the use of certain substances (e.g., cocaine, marijuana, methaqualone and look-alike stimulants). The concern, which is usually stated as a threat, is that paraphernalia, in and of itself, encourages and supports the use of controlled or socially unapproved substances. Positive or beneficial aspects of paraphernalia have not been identified nor mentioned. A Popular argument states a causal relationship: An increase in the availability and use of drug-taking paraphernalia leads to an increase in illicit drug use and concomitant problems. The response to this threat has been the prohibition, prompted by community-directed Parents' groups and often resulting in legislation, of the promotion, sale, possession and use of any article or item that might potentially be used in illicit drug taking. It is assumed that the result will be a decline in all types of illicit drug use in the neighborhood or community where paraphernalia is prohibited.
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