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Chao JM, Der Marderosian AH. 
“Ergoline alkaloidal constituents of Hawaiian baby wood rose, Argyreia nervosa (Burmf) Bojer”. 
J Pharm Sci. 1973 Apr 21;62(4):588-91.
Abstract Q Chemical analysis showed that the seeds of Argyreia nervosa contain the highest percentage of indole alkaloid constituents (0.5-0.9%) of the genera of the Convolvulaceae thus far studied. A total of 19 indole alkaloids were identified by thin-layer and paper chromatographic procedures. Of these, lysergene, festu clavine, setoclavine, isosetoclavine, agroclavine, elymoclavine, ergine, and isoergine were isolated by column chromatographic procedures and characterized by TLC and IR analyses. Penniclavine, chanoclavine-I, chanoclavine-II, ergometrine, ergome trinine, lysergic acid a-hydroxyethylamide, isolysergol, racemic chanoclavine-II, molliclavine, lysergol, and isolysergic acid <*- hydroxyethylamide were identified by TLC only. Of these, lyser gene, setoclavine, isosetoclavine, chanoclavine-II, racemic chano clavine-II, isolysergol, and molliclavine were identified for the first time in species of the Convolvulaceae. Ergine (0.136%) and iso ergine (0.188%) were found in the highest concentration. In addi tion, 11 unidentified indole alkaloids were detected, these being found in very low concentration. Although the pericarp showed the same alkaloid pattern as the seeds, the concentration was much lower (0.0015%). No alkaloids could be detected in the vegetative tissues of nonflowering specimens.
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