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Davis EW. 
“Out of the vast array of species in the plant kingdom — variously estimated at from 200,000 to 800,000 — a few have been employed in primitive societies for millennia to induce visual, auditory, tactile, and other hallucinations. Because of their earthly effects Sacred Plants of The San Pedro Cult”. 
Botanical Museum Leaflets. 1983 Fall;29(4):367-83.
The high northern Andean valley of Huancabamba, Peru, is the centre of an extraordinary moon-oriented magico-religious healing cult, a fundamental feature of which is the nocturnal ingestion by patients and curandero of the mescaline-rich San Pedro cactus (Trichocereous Pachanoi Britton et Rose). Such is the notariety of the curanderos, or maestros, of Huancabamba that patients regularly arrive not only from the Peruvian coastal cities and the scattered settlements of the Maroρon river drainage area to the east, but from as far away as Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.
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