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Aldous FAB, Barrass BC, Brewster K, Buxton D,Green M, Pinder RM, Rich P, Skeels M, Tutt KJ. 
“Structure-activity relations in psychotomimetic phenylalkylamines”. 
The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 1974 Mar 19;17(10):1100-11.
A study has been made of the relationship between the structure of phenylalkylamines and potential correlates of their psychotomimetic activity. Optimum activity is associated with (a) an isopropylamine side chain, with a R-(-) configuration at the carbon atom a to the amino group, and (b) 2,5-dimethoxy substitution, together with an alkyl or halo group at position 4 that is probably limited in bulk to n-propyl or bromo. The activity of compounds in producing hyperthermia in rabbits provides good quantitative correlation with reported psychotomimetic activitiesin man.
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