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Antun FT, Kurkjian R. 
“Demethylation of C14 2,3,4-Trimethoxyphenylethylamine in Schizophrenics Before and After L-methionine Loading”. 
British Journal of Phychiatry. 1982 Sep 28;? (140):611-4.
Demethylation was compared in acute and chronic schizophrenics and in non-schizophrenics by the administration of C'4 labelled 2,3,4-trimethoxyphenylethylamine (TM PEA).The results did not show a significant difference in the urinary levels of the monodemethylated catabolites of TMPEA among any groups of patients. However,there was a significant decrease in demethylation in untreated chronic schizophrenics after ten days of L-methionine orally, whereas the non-schizophrenic group similarly given methionine did not change. This suggests the possibility of a biological weakness in schizophrenia.
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