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Antun F, Smythies JR, Benington F, Morin RD, Barfknecht CF, Nichols DE. 
“Native Fluorescence and Hallucinogenic Potency of Some Amphetamines”. 
Experientia. 1971 Jan 06;27(1):62-3.
The native fluorescence of a molecule is a complex function of its quantum chemical properties that may include the energy of its π electrons. SNYDER and MERRILL I, and KANG and GREEN e have reported that the HMO energy of methoxylated amphetamines correlates positively with theft hallucinogenic potency. We have, therefore, measured the native fluorescence, at maximum activation and emission frequencies, of a number of amphetamines to see if there was any correlation with their hallucinogenic potency (as measured by SHULGIN et al)). This work was carried out independently in Iowa and Edinburgh.
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