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Audette RC, Bolan J, Vijayanagar HM, Bilous R, Clark K. 
“Phytochemical investigation of Manitoba plants II. A gas-liquid chromatographic screening technique for the identification of the alkaloids of Phalaris species”. 
J Chromatogr. 1969 Sep 22;43(3):295-302.
A gas-liquid chromatographic screening technique has been developed to identify the alkaloids of Phalaris species. Hordenine, and the following nine indole alkaloids, gramine, N,N-dimethyl-5-methoxy-tryptamine, N,N-dimethyl tryptamine, s-methyl tryptamine, N-methyl tryptamine, tryptamine, 5-methoxy-tryptamine, 5-methoxy-N-methyl tryptamine and bufoten.ine were separated on three columns. Crude alkaloid fractions of three varieties of Phalaris arundinacea separated into seven components on the three columns employed.
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