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Aviado DM, Schmidt CF. 
“Effects of sympathomimetic drugs on pulmonary circulation: with special reference to a new pulmonary vasodilator”. 
J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 1957 Aug 01;120(4):512-27.
Most of the available information on the pulmonary vascular effects of sympathomimetic amines is limited to epinephrine and levarterenol. There is considerable evidence that both these amines, which are direct constrictors for most systemic vessels, are also vasoconstrictors of the perfused lungs Daly, 1933 Gaddum and Holtz, 1933 Konzett and Hebb, 1949 Edwards, 1951 Tyrer, 1953 Mikio, 1954 Rose et at., 1955. In the intact animal or human subject they produce pulmonary arterial hypertension which some investigators attribute to constriction of the lung vessels, because an increase in pulmonary vascular resistance is indicated by the concomitant changes in pulmonary arterial pressure and cardiac output Jimenez-Vargas and Vidal, 1949 Baxter and Pearce, 1951 Fowler et al., 1951 Bartorelli et al., 1954. Others ascribe the pulmonary arterial hypertension to a primary action of the drug outside of the lung vessels : an increase in cardiac output by stimulation of the heart Witham and Fleming, 1951, damming of blood in the lungs from a rise in left auricular pressure Hamilton et al., 1939 Nelson et al., 1955, and shifting of blood from the constricted peripheral vessels to the lungs Friedberg et al., 1943.
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