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Allen JW, Gartz J, Sihanonth P, Suarez FC. 
“The Occurrence, Use and Detection of Psilocine, Psilocybine and Baeocystine in Psilocybe villarrealiae from Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico”. 
Ethnomycological J: Sacred Mushroom Studies. 2009;VIII:67-74.
In 1998, Guzmán reported, '11 species of Psilocybe from the state of Jalisco of which 55 are now recognized from Mexico.' In his paper, Guzmán described two new species, thus describing a total of 8 neurotropic Psilocybes from the State of Jalisco. Small collections of Psilocybe villarrealiae were harvested by one of the authors FCS in Jalisco for herbarium deposit. Chemical analysis of the collected species was performed including a scanning electron micrograph of basidiospores of Psilocybe villarrealiae is presented along with a photograph of the species analyzed in this study. Additionally, this species is now being cultivated in America for recreational use. This is the first report of the chemical analysis of Psilocybe villarrealiae, new reported locations and the recreational use and cultivation of this species.
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