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Bailey K. 
“The mass spectra of dimethoxyamphetamine hydrochlorides”. 
Anal Chim Acta. 1972 Jul 05;60(2):287-92.
The mass spectra of several derivatives of phenethylamine have been reported1-4 Bellman 3 described the spectra of the hallucinogenic methoxylated derivatives 3.4.5-trlmethoxyphenethylamine mescaline and 2.5-dlmethoxy-4-methylamphetamine DOM or STP and accounted for their prlncipal fragmentation pathways. The “&946-fission” process &946 to the amino function and to the benzene ring is the common and maJor cleavage mode of amphetamines1-4 In the present work. The effect of the aromatic substitution pattern on the fragmentation of dimethoxyamphetamlnes was examined, and the mass spectra were studled for their suitability for identification and differentiation of these hallucinogenic compounds.
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