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Barfknecht CF, Nichols DE. 
“Effects of S-+- and R---3,4,Dimethoxyphenylisopropylamines in the rat”. 
J Med Chem. 1972 Jan 06;15(1):109-10.
While much information is available about the structureactivity relationships of one-ring psychotomimetics related to mescaline,' no data on the relative potency of optical isomers has been reported. Since a cross-tolerance exists between LSD and mescaline-type compounds, it has been suggested that they act via the same mechanism. Both compounds are 0-arylethylamine derivatives. While most literature views LSD as having the ethylamine side chain arising from the 3 position of the indole nucleus, a closer structural analogy exists when the side chain is joined at the 4 position.
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