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Cannon JG, Perez Z, Long JP, Rusterholz DB, Flynn JR, Costall B, Fortune DH, Naylor RJ. 
“N-Alkyl derivatives of +/--alpha-methyldopamine”. 
J Med Chem. 1979 Aug 18;22(8):901-7.
A series of N-alkylated alpha-methyldopamine derivatives has been prepared for comparison of their biological effects with those of semirigid dopamine congeners derived from 2-aminotetralin systems. All of the alpha-methyldopamine derivatives were inert as dopaminergic agonists in a variety of animal assays, both centrally and peripherally, although certain compounds produced powerful and prolonged locomotor hyperactivity on intra-accumbens injection in mice, by indirect mechanisms. A rationalization, based upon conformational analysis, is presented for the lack of direct dopaminergic agonist activity of alpha-methyldopamine derivatives.
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