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Schifano F, Ricciardi A, Corazza O, Deluca P, Davey Z, Rafanelli C. 
“[New drugs and role of the web: Psychonaut Web Mapping Project]”. 
Riv Psichiatr. 2010 Mar-Apr 23;45(2):88-93.
In the rapid change of drug scenarios, as the powerful development in the drug market, particularly in the number and the kind of the compound available, Internet plays a dominant role to become one of the major 'drug market'. The European Commission funded the Psychonaut Web Mapping Project carried out in the time-frame January 2008-December 2009, with the aim to start/implement an Early Warning System through the data/information collected from the Web virtual market, to identify and categorise novel recreational drugs/psychoactive compounds synthetical/herbal drugs, and new trends in drug use to provide information for immediate and prevention intervention. The Psychonaut is a multi-site research project involving 8 research centres De Sleutel, Belgium University of Hertfordshire School of Pharmacy, St George's University of London, England A-klinikkasäätiö, Finlandia Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, Germany Assessorato Salute Regione Marche, Italy Drug Abuse Unit, Spain Centre of Competence Bergen Clinics Foundation, Norway based in 7 European Countries England, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Spain, Norway.
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