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Deluca P, Schifano F, Davey Z, Corazza O, di Furia L, Farre M, Flesland L, Mannonen M, Majava A, Minelli V, Pagani S, Peltoniemi T, Scherbaum N, Siemann H, Skutle A, Torrens M, Pezzolesi C, van der Kreeft P. 
“Spice Report Psychonaut Web Mapping Research Project”. 
The Psychonaut Web Mapping Research Group. 2009 mar 20.
Spice is intended as a brand name for what is usually described as an ‘herbal smoking blend’ sold as an ‘ethno drug’ or legal substitute of cannabis Schifano et al 2009. It comes under a variety of names, such as ‘Spice Diamond’, ‘Spice Gold’, ‘Spice Silver’, ‘2Spicy’ and ‘Spice of Life’ that, according to users, are meant to produce subtly different effects Champagne Legals, 2009 Drugs-forum, 2009. Sometimes they are labelled ‘not for human consumption’, or ‘not suitable for under 18’ e.g. Spiceworld420 [30]. Ingredients listed on product packaging and in product descriptions include several psychoactive plants, some of which have been traditionally known as marijuana substitutes, meaning users expected effects similar to that of smoked cannabis Ujvary 2009. However, recent laboratory analyses late 2008 have identified in these herbal mixtures the presence of the synthetic cannabinoids such as JWH-018 CP47, 497 and similar analogues Auwa¨rter et al., 2009 Steup, 2009 and since then spice drugs have received an extensive media attention. Spice is not detected via drug tests according to online users.
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