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Corrigall WA, Robertson JM, Coen KM, Lodge BA. 
“The reinforcing and discriminative stimulus properties of Para-Ethoxy- and Para-Methoxyamphetamine”. 
Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 1992 Jan 02;41(1):165-9.
The purpose of this study was two-fold: 1 to assess the degree to which para-methoxyamphetamine and para-ethoxyamphetamine maintain self-administration behavior, and 2 to determine the similarity or difference between these drugs and amphetamine in drug discrimination tests. Animals were trained to self-administer 0.3 mg/kg/infusion cocaine on a fixed-ratio 5 FR5 schedule of reinforcement. Substitution of para-ethoxyamphetamine PEA, para-methoxyamphetamine PMA, or saline produced similar results in all cases responding decreased substantially. A separate group of animals was trained to discriminate amphetamine 1 mg/kg from saline in a fixed-ratio FR10, food-reinforced paradigm. PEA and PMA produced only limited responding on the amphetamine-appropriate lever maximum of approximately 30. Both PMA and PEA had effects on response rate which were similar to those of amphetamine, although PMA had slightly greater rate-decreasing effects than the other two compounds. These data suggest that neither PMA nor PEA are reinforcing in rats, and do not possess amphetamine-like discriminative properties.
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