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Ott J. 
“Entheogens II: on entheology and entheobotany”. 
J Psychoactive Drugs. 1996 Apr-Jun 08;28(2):205-9.
I read with interest Aline Lucas's Short Communication 'Entheology' as well as Marlene Dobkin de Rios's accompanying response in the July-September 1995 Journal of Psychoactive drugs [2730: 293-95, 297-98], concerning the coining of entheology/entheological at Harvard Divinity School, and subsequent discussion of the term at the 'Psychoactive Sacraments' conference in February 1995. This work also appeared contemporaneously in print in the title of 'An Invitation to Entheological Dialogue' in MAPS Bulletin Young 1995. As one of the coiners of the cognate term entheogen Ruck et al. 1979 and one of its leading proponents-I have used the neologism in the titles of my last four books: Ott 1995,1994,1993 Wasson et al. 1986-I welcome this new derivative, and would gladly have defined it in my recent lexicon The Angels' Dictionary Ott 1995 had I learned of it in time. I wish, however, to attempt to clarify persistent confusion concerning the meaning of entheogen, which has confounded debate over this word since its debut in these pages in 1979 see Appendix.
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